The highest bungee jump in the Southern Hemisphere is at the Nevis Bungy Jump.

The Nevis Bungy was opened in 1988 and since then over a million people have experienced the thrill, excitement and nervousness as they stepped off the platform at 134 metres high. I’m not one to jump out of an aeroplane so instead, I choose to test my nerves on this gravity-defying adventure.

The experience begins with a bus ride up to the top of the mountain into a thick forest. Passing through tunnels and natural curves in the road, we felt as though we were on a roller coaster ride.

The bus stops at the base of the Nevis Bungy Jump lookout providing spectacular views of the Nevis Valley that you can’t see anywhere else. The views are breathtaking and far more than I expected.

After your waiver form has been signed, you start making your way to the jump and walk across a long bridge until you reach the platform. It was then time…

The anticipation begins as I steeled myself to the task.

Nervously I lined up along with my friends for our turn to jump. I now understood why they say even the most experienced jumpers feel ‘Nervous on the Nevis’. We had a choice of what position to down from diving face first, to superman – we opted for the swing. The instructor strapped me into a harness and secured the helmet on my head. The most challenging portion of this scenic attraction is when they force you to sit in a swing and send you floating over the view.

They gave you the opportunity to take a few snapshots 134 metres above the ground before counting down from three. My legs were shaking as I was counting down with nervous excitement. Once you are at the count of 3 (or before), they cut the rope and you go flying off.

The journey down, it seemed to be going fast but then suddenly you hit the bottom of the rope and before you know it your feet are swinging in mid-air! It all happened so quickly and not even 30 seconds later you are at the bottom and you feel like your heart is about to explode. I can confidently say it was one of the best feelings of my life and something that everyone should try once in their lifetime.

From here you’re taken back to the information desk where you can purchase your photos and a video of your jump for a very reasonable price. Again, I was blown away by how professional everything was set out. The best part about this whole experience is that the staff are extremely friendly, welcoming and happy to help. They encourage you every step of the way and even on a bad day, they’ll get you to smile!

The Nevis Bungy is for anyone over 14 years of age and I highly recommend it to thrill-seekers who are in Queenstown. It’s also best to book online before your arrival as I believe this is the best way to book for a time slot. There were plenty of activities in Queenstown that I didn’t get to do so I’m going back again and will be sure to do all those, bungee jump included!

The Nevis Bungy Jump can be found at

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