Okay, there’s no escaping the fact that I have been slack as heck with writing and I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t continue from my last reflection in 2018. Even reading back on that post, I could see and feel how much I’ve matured since. It would have been great to have captured my growth.

At the risk of sounding too defensive, the last couple of years have been great and I have been more ‘present’ and ‘in the moment’ than ever before. However, I am starting to feel like I am in a bit of a slump.

Things are feeling repetitive and I would really like to find some of my old (or new-found) motivation again. This song called ‘Zombie’ was released 4 weeks ago during the global pandemic lockdown and I feel like it couldn’t be more relatable.

To help me get started again, I will be listing down 10 reasons why I shouldn’t give this up. Here goes…

  1. It forces me to ‘slow down’ when things are going a hundred miles an hour
  2. It helps me find clarity
  3. I can look back on my thoughts when I’m 71 and judge or laugh my younger self
  4. I need to get better at writing
  5. I need to start (again) somewhere and this blog will be that start
  6. I have a bit more time on my hands – thanks to COVID-19 lockdown
  7. Someone might read this and this might help them with their writing journey
  8. This allows me to tap into my creativity
  9. I want to eventually write a novel
  10. Lastly, I have no excuse not to

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