When it comes to luxury travel, Emirates is undoubtedly a name that stands out. During my recent trip to Dubai, I had the opportunity to explore the renowned Emirates Business Class Lounge. Being a seasoned traveller, I was excited to see what this lounge had to offer in terms of comfort, amenities, and overall experience. In this blog post, I will share my honest review of the Emirates Business Class Lounge and provide you with an insight into the premium lounge experience it provides.

Lounge Overview

The moment I stepped into the Emirates Business Class Lounge, I was captivated by its grandeur. The lounge boasts a massive size and features stunning architecture that exudes elegance and sophistication. Located within Dubai International Airport, it is easily accessible for business class travelers. As I navigated through the lounge, I was impressed by the seamless flow and the well-designed layout, which made it easy to explore the different segments. Gage how massive the lounge in the below photos, showing one side to the other as you enter the lounge.

Dining Experience

One of the highlights of the Emirates Business Class Lounge is undoubtedly its dining experience. The lounge offers a wide array of culinary delights, ranging from Middle Eastern delicacies to Asian and Western cuisines. As a food enthusiast, I was delighted by the extensive selection of dishes, each prepared with meticulous attention to detail. What impressed me even more was the consideration given to different dietary requirements, with ample options available for vegetarians, vegans, and those with specific food allergies.

The lounge also features an indulgent ice cream cart and a dessert station that could satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. Additionally, for those seeking a caffeine fix, the Cafe and Barista Coffee corner served delicious beverages prepared by skilled baristas.

Entertainment and Relaxation

Emirates understands the importance of providing entertainment and relaxation options to weary travelers. Within the lounge, I discovered entertainment pods equipped with comfortable seating and TVs, allowing me to catch up on my favorite shows or movies. For those in need of a quick power nap, private sleeping areas were available, providing a peaceful and rejuvenating space.

To freshen up after a long flight, the lounge offers well-appointed shower facilities complete with premium toiletries. The experience of stepping out of a refreshing shower and into the luxurious ambiance of the lounge is truly unmatched.

For business travelers, the Emirates Business Class Lounge features a dedicated business center area. With its perfect ambiance and amenities, it provides an ideal space for catching up on work or attending to professional matters.

Highlight: The Moët & Chandon Lounge

Within the opulent Emirates Business Class Lounge, one particular highlight stands out – the Moët & Chandon Lounge. This exclusive section elevates the luxurious experience to new heights, offering a taste of pure indulgence for champagne enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Step into this elegant space, and you’ll be greeted by an exquisite selection of Moët & Chandon champagnes, renowned for their exceptional quality and refined flavors. From the classic Moët Impérial to the prestigious Dom Pérignon, there’s a champagne to suit every discerning palate.

Accompanying the delightful bubbles are carefully crafted canapés, designed to complement and enhance the tasting experience. From delicate seafood bites to gourmet cheese pairings, the culinary offerings in the Moët & Chandon Lounge are nothing short of exceptional.

Immerse yourself in the refined ambiance of this exclusive lounge, where you can savor the finest champagnes and indulge in delectable canapés. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a moment of luxury, the Moët & Chandon Lounge is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


My experience at the Emirates Business Class Lounge in Dubai was nothing short of extraordinary. The lounge not only met but exceeded my expectations of what a premium lounge experience should be. From the moment I entered, I was greeted with impeccable service, luxurious surroundings, and an extensive range of amenities.

The dining experience was a culinary journey, with a variety of cuisines catering to different palates. The entertainment and relaxation options provided the perfect balance between productivity and leisure, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

If you have the opportunity to travel business class with Emirates, I highly recommend taking advantage of the Emirates Business Class Lounge in Dubai. It is a haven where you can unwind, indulge, and prepare yourself for the next leg of your journey in the lap of luxury.

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