What’s the best way to spend a long weekend? Camping at Wyangala Dam! You can drive right up to your site and then just unpack. There are toilets with flushable loos, clean shower blocks and coin-operated washing machines.

The grounds are well maintained so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or running into snakes. And it’s only 3½ hours from Sydney – perfect for those who work on weekends but want a break during school holidays or summertime!

On this Easter break, we spent three days and two nights at Wyangala Dam and I have to say it was fantastic. The weather was hot on Monday but cooled down during the night so we slept quite well in the tent even with very little breeze. There were showers right next to our campsite so we could have a shower whenever we wanted. We decided to camp closer to the water so that meant a 5-minute walk to the bathrooms but it was worth it!

The lake view was surreal, especially in the early morning and just before sunset. With a view like that, we decided to skip the TV for the night and just watch the change of colours on the lake. The water level has dropped quite a bit since last year’s visit, but there is still plenty of fun stuff to do in this place. You can go for a walk around the lake, play sport or paddle in a canoe or kayak.

I would recommend staying here during any long weekend – you couldn’t fit in many more activities given the time frame. This campsite would be good for first-time campers as the amenities are well equipped and lots of easy walks right on your doorstep!

A little more info can be found on the Wyangala website. Coming from Sydney, we opted for the Grabine Lakeside which saves us an extra 30 mins of driving. Here are all the details of the park.

How cute is our spot!
Spot the 11th Wheel! (Just kidding, he has Mikasa – the volleyball)
Team House Cats (This is my new women volleyball team + coach)
My grommie (what we call our youngest member in the group) Cindy making me look short even when we sitting down
This was Dan’s shower for the weekend (probably his toilet too)


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